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    Hi everyone, just moved to HK two months ago to be a banker. Like a lot of folks, I found my free time dwindle and was left scrambling to put together a photobook for my fiance. I just found out my favorite publisher does not deliver to HK so I'm in a bit of a bind. I've spent probably 75 hours editing and compiling these photos over the last month so I'm dead set on printing this thing.

    Can anyone recommend a photobook printer? It would be awesome if I could get a recommendation for a photobook printer that can do a lay flat photobook. Anyways thanks in advance.

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    Groupon usually offers one from Milk? I think they are based in NZ and quite a few of my friends did one and said it was quite good. Bear in mind that it also depends on the quality of the images (ones taken from your phone can be grainy when blown up)