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Window Film Sheets

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    Window Film Sheets

    Hi all - I am looking to get some window film to block out UV light as a temporary solution while we look into custom curtains. Any suggestions on brands that are good and easy to install and remove? I am thinking of Skylight Solar Window Film, but not sure if it will come off easily when it's time to put our curtains, and I can't find any removal instructions on the internet. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    But if you ALSO seek PRIVACY - I can say that such film is pretty well useless if the room is internally illuminated!

    Don't try to DIY - you'll surely get some annoying air bubbles left behind the film however hard you work at it.

    My brother took the "easy way out" - Newspapers on the windows till he fixed up something better!

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    The stuff I've used temporarily was from the Jusco 12 dollar store. I only needed a small portion to soften the harsh afternoon sun going in through the top window in the kitchen. It worked pretty well and blocking most of the light. It was easy enough to put on, you spray the surface with water and apply the film after cutting it into the right size. Use a sponge to smooth out any bubbles that occur. It comes off real quick and leaves no residue.

    I'd suggest you try that first to see if you like the results before spending too much on something that you will only need to remove later. There are different types and brands available at local neighborhood stores like Jusco and Japan Home Center.

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    Thanks for all the info! I couldn't find a Jusco near me, and I emailed the Skylight Solar Film company, but they told me that removal will leave some residue that needs to be cleaned with ammonia or solar film, so I just ended up just taping some used wrapping paper to the windows for the week or so until our curtains were ready. An ugly but workable temporary solution.