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Apartment renovations ideas

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    @bsc1280 - Whatever happened to your reno? A bunch of us are curious.

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    I'm not

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    Hi @shri and all

    I thought i would give an update on the renovation (i know some of you are not curious but i would still go ahead).

    Firstly i chose EassyArron for the cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets. they charged around 145k for

    1. 3 fitted wardrobes in the rooms
    2. 2 bathroom vanity/cabinets
    3. Kitchen cabinets
    4. 1 bunk bank with attached cabinets
    5. 1 double bed with attached cabinet

    all made to order. I am happy with the quality- however they did make many mistakes such as making stuff in wrong size or missing parts etc.
    It took them 2 visits (around 2 days each) over next 3-4 months to come back fix the stuff. I had to follow up with them but they did fix it without charge. I just found out that wardrobe drawer locks do not have a sledge so the locks dont work- I have asked them to fix. overall, not bad for the price they charge.

    Now rest of the stuff was done by a renovators which by friend recommended. he doesnt do full home renoavtiosn but snmaller tasks but I trusted him.

    Here is what he charged

    1. 2 washrooms-

    break down tiles, bathtub, metal false ceiling, toilet etc.

    175k for 2 washrooms including tiles from mongkok, sliding door, roca taps and showe, roca electonic washlet seats

    2. replace wooden floor with tiles (white ones i selected)

    900 sqft apartment around 130k inckluding kitchen

    3. added a small helper bathroom within the helper room using shower room which also has a small toilet inside. this has to be done using laying out new drain line and seweage connection to rest of aoartment

    4. Kitchen walls break old tiles and out new one. kitchen is very small

    5. Change elecgtrixc switches in all apartment, lay out two new ceiling lights lines in livign room. add 1 new scoket in each bedrooms

    25k including the cost of electric supplies

    6. Paint 18k

    7. Misc. (install ceilign fans, dispose the garbage/tuff from renovation) around 35k

    thats how the breakdown is. The guy quioted around 300k total charge but kept requoting it and finally i paid him 450k in total. he would increase price of which part he was starting. Not experienced enough to give quotes and also since it was taking him longer to finish the job (did most of work himserlf and maximuk 1 guy to help).

    after he left - there waere small bits and pieces left so I asked him to come back after CNY (and then lockdown happened due to covid). he came back and said that his wife thinks that he didnt charge me enought and added up 20k more and he would only then do the remainign small touch ups. I refused to pay more since i had alrweayd done that many times.

    the quality of work he did was fine but we didnt part ways on very good terms despite me trying very hard and sayign yes to all his money demands except the last one. Hope this post is helpful for people who are thinking of doing renovations

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