Hi all,

I had my renovator install AC machine (split type) during the renovation two years ago.

Later on, we noticed that a lot (seriously a lot) of shoddy work has been done and he just blames a million other things except for himself/his contractors when we brought it up.

Last year, aircon water was dripping so I called official service hotline (manufacturer) to come clean.
The technician said "it's not about cleaning, but it's installed improperly".
But the water dripping issue didn't happen again last year after cleaning, so I ignored.

Last month, the water was dripping again so I contacted manufacturer to do cleaning again.
They did the cleaning, and it was okay for a month.... until last week.

Water was dripping quite a lot (3 drops per second), possibly due to recent sudden heavy use.
I got a cat so turned on the AC (weak) 24/7 for 2 weeks.

I had manufacturer's technician visit again just now, and he said "drainage pipe is not angled properly and is too horizontal".
Unfortunately manufacturer's technician only provides cleaning and not "Fixing"/reinstallation, which is annoying.

The problematic aircon is in the middle of the living room. Few meters of "fake" wooden boards were added, at a hefty cost, during renovation to "hide" the drainage pipe connecting outdoors.

My question is... is this something they can even fix without making a HUGE mess in the house? I would really want to fix as I want to turn on for my cat and I work from home half the time, but it still isn't just worth the mess they might have to make.