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Govt. threatens to retract paternity leave bill

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    David Smith

    Govt. threatens to retract paternity leave bill

    RTHK English News

    Anyone know what this is about?
    The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Matthew Cheung, on Thursday threatened to retract a mandatory three-day paid paternity leave bill if pan-democratic legislators vote to increase the number of paid leave days to seven.
    Apparently, the democrats voting to increase the number of paid leave days would sabotage a deal the government has already made with the business sector.

    What I don't get is that the democrats don't have enough votes to pass a bill. The only explanation I can think of is that the FLU, FTU have joined forces with the democrats on this one and the government is nervous one or two DAB will defect or (more likely) not enough of the FCs will turn up to vote it down.

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    David Smith
    RTHK English News
    So it turns out that it passed. Some democrats had tabled an amendment to increase the proposed paternity leave from 3 to 7 days. I can only assume that the government was worried that the (pro-BJ) unions might vote in favor. So the government threatened to withdraw the whole thing.

    In the end the unions (FTU and FLU) did not vote on the proposed amendment, so the other pro-BJ and pro-business parties could veto it. This is quite a common strategy for the FTU, FLU and sometimes DAB - their election platforms, as far as I understand, are to help the workers, grassroots and needy. However, they are forbidden by their real masters in Beijing from supporting any measures proposed by democrats, so they abstain or don't vote which looks better than voting against their electoral support base.

    Just as a side note - had the amendment been decided on a simple majority of democratically elected Legco members (Geographic Constituencies and Super Functional Constituencies) it would have passed.

    I imagine small business owners will heave a sigh of relief though.

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    3 days is really a joke but i guess better than nothing.

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