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Public Transport EVs: “fell far short of expectation”

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    Meanwhile, can we have some hedges please?
    Cities need 'hedges as well as trees' for environment - BBC News

    Would love to see Queen's Rd reduced to 1 lane with expanded pedestrian areas and some kind of tropical hedge creating a green barrier between vehicles and people.

    I read recently hoe refrigeration is actually one of the less recognized causes of pollution and climate change. For sure turning down our ACs could help. What a lame excuse for electric vehicles not working. :/

    Why isn't hybrid technology more widely discussed? All the hills and all...

    Recently visited botanical gardens in Shenzhen, which are a mess, pedestrians are forced on a narrow road with buses due to endless construction barriers. BUT the buses are electric, thank goodness! Quiet and no fumes!

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    I think the jury is still very much put on whether electric vehicles are any better for the planet than Ice vehicles. I'm far from convinced, personally.

    Battery life is the key issue. If they didn't degrade significantly over a few years it would be less of a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kus Kus
    i've been in a BYD taxi a few times and I was impressed. Sure there's going to be teething problems. Many buses have teething problems when they try a new technology - even phones do. On my last trip to Shenzhen I noticed considerable amounts of new BYD taxis and buses being put on the road so something must be going right. I am don't much about electric vehicles but I didnt notice anything blowing up.

    Not everything in the mainland is made of shit - the quality is improving constantly and so is their attitude,

    Maybe we need to wind down the air cons a bit as they need a lot of power, get more electric fans plus get more people in shorts and t-shirts so we don't need the air con running so high.
    Unfortunately the executive branch of government must reward the taxi licence holders to ensure their votes for the transport seat. If this wasn't the case more licences could be printed to allow more taxis on the road. This would mean they wouldn't need to be run 24/7 to pay back the rent seeking license holder allowing plenty of time to recharge
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    The government is very selective on what it wishes to take action on!

    Really good points made about the batteries and licences.

    The batteries need to be standardized so they can be swopped in and out.
    *Every car park should have a section devoted to chargers.
    *This farce with the taxi licence needs to be changed - cars shouldnt be run for 24 hours its not even safe.
    *In the UK when everyone had milk delivered -electric milk floats (delivery vehicles) were used that were plugged in at the end of their round to charge up for the next day. They have been around since the 1950's they were only used on localy but that was 60-70 years ago

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