ridiculous ideas like Lantau Tomorrow
:x I think I know why.. sorta ard the time gov n their attract talent ideas all prop related..

Hk revenue mainly frm prop and the gov so used to tuning the prop button for all problems so much so that they've painted themselves into a corner, financially and mentally bothers me cuz our default helplines atm:

Pure mood booster for ppl - SD/prop
Attract corp investment - SD/prop
Attract talent and workers - SD/prop
Boost prop sales, save the agents jobs - SD/prop
Cool down prop speculation/ inflation - SD/prop
Boost overall economy (nonprop) - SD/prop

Not the only kink but at min. our lifeline to boosting country economy not targetted at prop can't be the same and only one as cooling down prop prices which were even before nsl and covid already too high for its ppl. You tune up to attract talent and soon enuff you tune back bcos articles popping up quoting youngsters and locals wailing they have to save 50 yrs for a place. Indefinite yoyo.. need to diversify and conjure up new sources of income.