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China: Zero tolerance of Hong Kong i*****ndence

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    China: Zero tolerance of Hong Kong i*****ndence

    Hong Kong independence ideas must be suppressed, top China official Wang Huning warns city | South China Morning Post

    the idea of independence for Hong Kong must be suppressed
    When does the censorship of social media in Hong Kong start I wonder. Or has it already?
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    The problem here is that anything gets and will get labeled as an "act of seperation" if it is against CCP interests. CY Leung started to single out a very minute fringemovement that wanted HK indepedence, and this is gradually being widened first to the localist movement, then to democratic movements that advocate self-determination and will undoubtedly widen to almost anything pro-democracy. Typical CCP-tactics.

    Meanwhile at these kind of conferences you hear that HK'ers needs to understand China more, yet no-one dares to utter that perhaps the opposite might be true as well.

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    This is a difficult subject--opening borders could open opportunities for HK people. To live in southern China and escape the busy HK life. I've noticed the % of HK people have been decreasing and now the mainlanders and foreigners (both morons and ones who contribute to society) have been increasing so it's more of a mixed environment. It would have been nice if immigration was more selective on who lives here but that's asking for too much.

    Too many elements in play already--not sure that the government wants to plan an actual integration or not. It's a lot of work. Hk can say they are owned by China--can enjoy protection from PLA and freedom from not having to join the military. HK is still HK. Easy to blame the problems on China but it's still effectively the same place it was many years ago albeit a few bad tourists.