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More white students in HK’s public schools

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    When I was a kid La Salle College used to offer French, so I bypassed the need to continue to rote learn Chinese from Form 1 onwards.

    To be honest, I wish they had offered Mandarin Chinese instead back then since it is the 2nd most spoken language in the world after English. I have worked for German and French subsidiaries and English was used in both. However, Mandarin is used everyday on the street in just about every corner of the world. Even in Australia, kids (including white kids) learn Mandarin in public schools and tonnes of kids go to private Mandarin tutoring classes after school and on weekends, as it is the cool thing to do. Some Australian white guys I knew who majored in Chinese at University (with no Chinese parents) have better Mandarin than myself, which is proof in itself that if one wants to learn Chinese, it can be done. Of course, they visit China and live there for a while as well.

    Anyway, I think the school fees at La Salle College was dirt cheap (as my parents were stingy). The Primary school is undergoing renovation but the College across the road has some wear and tear issues. Still it has a full sized athletics field and adequate facilities for a white guy and a lot of expats put their kids through it back in the day. U can always get your kid to play rugby in the weekend instead of after school lol

    Now since we are talking about kids of white guys, There is a dude who is white and his two poor young kids who are only about 5 (and one is in a pram) are always with him begging at Shatin train station near the ramp, does anyone know what his deal is? Did he get fired by the nearby JP Morgan? Is life so tough that he needs to take away his kids playtime? I see him there all day from 9am to 9pm+ when his kids have fallen asleep and he is still singing Air Supply songs.

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