Hung Hom robbery - diamond/jewelry - $740K

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    Hung Hom robbery - diamond/jewelry - $740K

    Allegedly, it took place today morning in Hung Hom with one of staff member of Jewelry store/diamond company. It is said that in robbery involving amount of $740K, robbers have cut legs of victim.


    Translation from Google

    At about 10:30 in the morning, a robbery occurred in Hung Hom. When the two men passed through the junction of Heyuan East Street and Hung Hom Road, the masked thief robbed two rucksacks; it was reported to have $740,000. After the thief succeeded, he jumped on the white private car that escaped and fled without a trace. Upon receipt of the report, the police are now harassing four South Asian gangsters and taking "Jie dynasty" on all major roads in Hong Kong to search for thieves and thieves. Two people were injured in the incident and were required to be sent to hospital.

    Two injured people are jewelry store staff, carrying dollars to find a store deposit

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    Roads were chaotic throughout Kowloon and parts of NT earlier. Traffic everywhere with police check points

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