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HK poisoning its own seas as plastic pollution soars, new research shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by hullexile
    I am not going to say anything to someone who holds colonial Hong Kong up as an exemplar . You are not on the same planet as everyone else let alone on the same page.
    Eh? Colonial Hong Kong grew hugely post 1960 after the arrival of JJ Cowperthwaite. Until Gordon Brown (and even he got 1 or 2 things right), Scottish people have an uncanny ability to be excellent economists.

    However, that doesn't mean letting Hong Kong go free and rule itself would have been even better. Only the threat of invasion from the North stopped that happening when it should have.

    But then Vietnam isn't socialist enough for you.
    It is too socialist for me.

    Right, this is really it. You are all fucking insane. You have all lived, or are living in Hong Kong, a Capitalist paradise. If you think socialism is better then move yourself, your family and your business to Venezuela, Vietnam, Mainland China or anywhere similar. If you are right then you will do even better. But you won't.

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    Yes yes that must be it. We are all insane, the world is all insane. You are the only one who has the answer to the world's problem and no one else has figured it out. How can we not see that?

    For the record, I live in HK to make money and certainly not for the betterment of human kind. HK treats its citizen poorly and the inequalities between the poor and the rich are terrible. But like most, I don't really care because I'm not poor and I'm looking after number one and filling my pockets. I certainly don't think it's good for the majority of the people here and I don't live in lala land pretending that by living on their backs and leaving a few crumbs on the floor, I'm doing them a service.

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