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07/19 - July Protests & Related News

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrit:
    They were not abusing their privileges . They were doing as they had been asked, and will expect to be rewarded for that. I would expect patronage to increase towards the HKY if they keep following instructions to do what the police can't be seen to be doing.

    No, they are indeed abusing their privileges. Their original "mission" was to target the protesters, but they attacked anyone they saw, including the commuters. That damages the HK government's international reputation. Multinational firms are going to reconsider investing in HK if they do not have confidence that the government can control these gangs properly. How do these firms know these gangs will not target their office next? Or their retail outlet? That may not be their original purpose instructed by the CCP operatives, but these gangs can use to opportunity to extort, attack or destroy other businesses who just happened to be "in the way".

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    Aimed at some posters here who still have trouble digesting the Yuen Long terror attack:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatts:
    Aimed at some posters here who still have trouble digesting the Yuen Long terror attack:
    Thanks...I was waiting for the NYT video analsis of all the videos we have seen recently. They've been doing a good job for some years already on this. Not on youtube yet though.

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    Its almost August ... shutting this down (do need to distrupt this thread as its getting rather difficult to keep an eye on)

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