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07/19 - July Protests & Related News

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    Yeah i know, its next weekend 28/7, my black & black outfit with white hanky is ready..
    Get ready to break out into some Bhangra moves +1 if you can throw in some Dandiyas...
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    Another police source said officers were angry and frustrated at what they called their management’s decision to persist with a tactic of tolerance, even as frontline officers suffered so much verbal abuse during the earlier march.
    “Some protesters even threw dog food in front of officers to insult them,” the source said.
    That has been said for quite some while now, officers not being respected. It's nobody's responsibility to respect them, their job is literally to stand on the side of the road, quietly, taking the abuse and making sure everybody is safe. There job isn't to engage in swearing contests with the protesters. It's just words, if they can't take a bit of verbal abuse they might wanna look for another job, but then I think most of them are stuck in that career path as even McDonalds requires a better level of English and maths.

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