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13/08/19 - Airport Protests / Flight Disruptions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyhook
    I think these young people have the right game plan, creating a public nuisance is very different to rioting like we'd expect to see in the west. Protesting in an area which does not disrupt or make noise is about as effective as telling them all to go and write a letter or sign a petition, ergo a total waste of time where (any) government just fobs them off.

    The protest is well Into its 3rd month now and the HKSAR government are ( still ) n
    ot responding in any meaningful manner. I do support what they ( the protesters ) are trying to achieve, not in a violent or riotous way but via complete civil recalcitrance and disruption to services, is a highly effective way of making a very loud noise for their cause.

    The government can quickly reduce the amount of civic disruption by engaging sensibly dialogue ( listen and compromise ) with the disgruntled masses, finally admitting that something needs to be done rather than burying their heads in the sand.

    Protesters need to cost the grossly ostentatious rich folks of HK a LOT of money, surgically brick the economy in such a way that it motivates the 1% that do have power and influence over the HKSAR government, to start making some much needed concessions, to allow the opportunity of a future for todays ( young ) disenfranchised generation, because the way I see it, these kids really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Go Hard HK young people ! Hit the mercantile folks where it hurts most, financially, then they'll release their vice like grip for things to settle down a bit more progressively.
    very much agree with you and if i were them, i would be thinking about next targets in that vein
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elefant&Castle
    Maybe - but I don't think that is a given; HKSAR might continue.
    I would like to hope so - a continuation of the SAR would be a far better outcome for the people of Hong Kong than the alternative. Unfortunately, there is very little dialogue going on at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shri
    27 years is a lifetime in this city.
    About as long as I've lived here.

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    FYI - An injunction has been obtained for this thread. Please vacate and find a more peaceful location.

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