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Sept '19 - Week 2 - Protest News & Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by sv336
    Echoing the brief discussion on yellow vs. blue colors in the Schedule thread, SCMP used to be "blue" (see the 2017 version below) and now is yellow-blue, as of Feb 2018, which they say is " " an iteration of the international signal flag Kilo, which means “I want to communicate with you”. Don't know if they're underscoring anything with the color change or just a coincident.

    Quote Originally Posted by shri
    Conspiracy theory gone too far. Even for me ...
    Sigh dramatically
    Am I a joke to you?

    Disclaimer, I chose my avatar some 10 years ago, well before the SCMP olive branch, and literally got it by googling the Kilo flag.

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    Germany interfering in China's internal affairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom007
    ‘Very minimal effect’ on Hong Kong whether US lawmakers succeed in bid to ban sale of tear gas and anti-riot gear to city, says police association chief
    I think the bill is more of symbolic value than aiming for practical effect. Still, one should not entirely dismiss the bill (if it passes). Since banning sale of weapons to the police by the US would in effect label the HK police force as a sanctioned entity, its international reputation and credibility will suffer even more than now. The bill will send a signal that the US regards the HK police as little more than a political tool to suppress citizens rather than an impartial law enforcement body. This may impact international cooperation with other legal enforcement bodies in the future, especially those in the West.
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    The silent, woah wait, the paid "majority" strikes back

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    As i've missed quite a few here is some nice fellow's thread listing all of tonight's sing-alongs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonastainine
    What goes around comes around. The US is having problem sourcing chemicals for lethal injections for executions.
    What's your problem with capital punishment?
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