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Jan 2020 - Protest News and Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by East_coast

    This is from Priscilla Leung who wanted judges that stated the extradition law was problematic should be investigated. She always seems aligned with the Liaison office.
    Interesting article, besides the headline. Looks like they are desperately paddling towards the middle ground before the LegCo elections. Meanwhile the government is continuing to offer excuses.

    A source close to the city’s top officials said that with anti-government protests still going on, pardons for those arrested could only happen “without publicly mentioning it”.
    Otherwise, he added, people might wrongly believe that violence was condoned by the government and worked as a method of protesting.
    Wasn’t that why some suggested amnesty with a cut-off date?

    If we were expected to take the above seriously, then the green-yellow-blue alliance which ended up burning the lobby of the Fanling intended quarantine housing block shouldn’t have been quoted as the reason to discontinue that plan!

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    The group said there was a "rapid deterioration" in the city's human rights situation last year, which was dominated by months of sometimes violent anti-government protests stemming from opposition to the now-withdrawn extradition bill.
    It said authorities showed apparent thirst for retaliation, accusing police of excessive force at protests and a pattern of arbitrary arrests.
    In its latest annual report on human rights in Asia, Amnesty said 2019 was a year of both repression and resistance - with young people at the forefront of people's struggle to protect fundamental freedoms.
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    They gotta make spray cans which are labeled "Wuhan Virus" and point them at the folks who are trying to beat them up.

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    Whoops wrong thread.

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    Second Yuen Long attack in day light, surprising what was big news and a turning point few months ago is hardly in forefront today..

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    We now return back to regular programming...

    Kong Tsung-gan

    Police attacks at Prince Edward MTR occurred 5mo ago today. Tonight people gather to commemorate. Police have already cleared bouquets of remembrance flowers 9 times, tho it’s no crime to leave them. Still people keep laying them.

    At Prince Edward MTR where 5mo ago today police beat citizens, people shout, ‘Black cops, show some patriotism & go back to Wuhan!

    Police detaining many on Mong Kok Rd pedestrian bridge & at foot of bridge. Maybe 30 to 40 people altogether. Unclear whether they're just stop&searching or preparing to arrest. The people don't appear to have been engaged in any activity that could be construed as illegal.

    Police now have entire bridge under lockdown & are preventing reporters from going near detainees. It appears the number of detainees may exceed 40, as they're standing side by side all along the bridge & there are more down below. These mass detentions are arbitrary.

    Police have just appeared to let the detainees on the bridge go. Can't tell if any were arrested. I counted 71 leaving the bridge. Add the people on the ground & the police appear to have arbitrarily detained upwards of 100.

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    For some odd reason they didn't appear to grab their quota of cockroaches back to their lair this time but left it at mere intimidation.

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