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COVID-19 - Feb Week 2 News & Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by sv336
    The week's daily numbers of "patients in the past 24 hours who met the reporting criteria of severe respiratory disease associated with a novel infectious agent. Specimens of the patients concerned have been sent for testing" are between 40 and 60. Is that the scope of testing across the entire HK? Just wondering ... US announced, every flu-symptomatic patient is to be tested, starting with those in select large cities
    Singapore's confirmed cases rise from 58 to 72 over 2 days while HK's remain steady at 56. I find this troubling.

    Is the HA actively seeking to find/test people who've been in contact with confirmed cases or are they just waiting for people to present with symptoms and come to them before testing? What kind of strategy is this (rhetorical question)?

    I expect HK's cases to overtake SG but when will HA reporting catch up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK_Katherine
    I would not allow flights from Wuhan (and maybe a few other badly affected places), but would allow everywhere else, probably with a quarantine for other people from Mainland China (probably of less than 14 days, since the 14 day figure seems to be proved to be out of date). I would allow Philippine citizens to fly where-ever they like (I strongly believe that individuals have the right to choose their own course of action and that Governments banning its own citizens from leaving the country is a fundamental infringement of their human rights). Incoming citizens from anywhere in China should be quarantined too.

    So somewhat similar to HK but ideally with real quarantine and a ban on the worst affected places only - to try and balance the cost/risk equation.

    I would also be constantly monitoring this and adding any place where the risk level jumps "too high" (yes, a somewhat qualitative assessment) but also changing quarantines in line with new information on how long the incubation period is etc etc. That does not seem to be happening either.
    From this BBC report, there is no data on how badly affected the other cities are. The only people being tested are those in Hubei or those who have been to Hubei. China is not testing secondary infection in cities outside of Hubei. If could be rife but it is being ignored. Until there is a clear picture, everywhere should be on lock down. The data is being manipulated before it is even data- by exclusion of cases.

    This is insane!

    from 50.30.... but key point around 52.00
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