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How has the outbreak affected you in HK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DimSumBond
    Hong Kong has significantly ramped up residency benefits.

    1. More work from home days
    2. Loan discounts
    3. Toilet paper is actually worth something - oldies rejoice.
    We'll probably get to the point where you can pay the rent in masks and toilet paper.
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    Tuen Mun

    My own job has been boringly quiet owing to lack of new numbers to crunch. Looking for some new candy crush-style games to master. Also spending a couple of hours each work day doing teutonically-autistically thorough job of scrubbing and disinfecting our staff kitchen and canteen area although the latter is currently just the food collection point and we all get shooed outside to eat.

    Our maintenance peeps are improving the shining hour by doing a lot of overdue jobs that just weren't feasible when there was more through traffic - think replacing old flooring, re-plumbing and suchlike.

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