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  • I wear masks everywhere required without fail. I also often wear in places not required by law.

    25 26.88%
  • I wear masks religiously everywhere required by law, without fail, EVER.

    21 22.58%
  • I wear them the vast majority of time they're required, but sometimes go without for short periods.

    29 31.18%
  • My mask usage is/has been decreasing steadily.

    9 9.68%
  • I avoid wearing masks whenever I think I can get away with it.

    22 23.66%
  • I actively avoid mask usage and spend more time not wearing than wearing in public.

    2 2.15%
  • I very seldom wear a mask in public places.

    2 2.15%
  • Some other answer or combination of the options above: Please explain in a comment.

    2 2.15%
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Mask Wearing in the Vaccine Era

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    Sure but posting someone’s DMs is kind of a dick move

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcdavid:
    Sage's extremely predictable PM back to me:

    If you are serious and well intentioned, there is an easy channel available in Geo to arrange that. - And lo here we are - that's progress! I appreciate you taking that step.

    Despite all your hostility, I am STILL willing to give you the opportunity to be part of what is frankly a mundane part of my day - Going around maskless, largely (but not entirely) without event.

    But you must surely have realised from all my posts by now that I'm not stupid?

    There's no way I'm going to give someone is so openly hostile unfettered crate blanche to make mischief, that WOULD be stupid

    So if you're prepared to come with an open mind and satisfy your curiosity that these are genuine reports (and there's not very much preventing you also going maskless where you choose.)

    Then I'm prepared to take a chance on that.

    But there will be conditions - Obviously.

    Not onerous conditions, entirely reasonable under the circumstances....

    I hope you're open to taking this further.


    So yeah, obviously, he's only going to do it when he knows it's a one-off show. That's because it's simply not a regular thing for him.

    Pathetic beyond pathetic from the guy who constantly talks about having courage and being confrontational.

    It's official - Sage is a liar, a coward and deserves no more replies despite the snivelling one he's going to post to this, because, well, it's impossible to underestimate him.
    It is indeed my PM, and everyone will note that you omitted your own to me - No surprise.

    What IS obvious is that your intentions have never been good and your mind never open. It's nothing more than scoring internet points to you, that is clearly the level of your mentality.

    To me it's about empowering people to be free to make their own choices and ensuring that I'm not one of the sheep myself.

    You had a chance to learn that there is more than one way to navigate around petty diktats, but you clearly choose to keep your head stuck in the sand.

    I'm no less sad for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tf19:
    Sure but posting someone’s DMs is kind of a dick move
    There's nothing confidential, except proof of his cowardice. There's no doxxing. If I hadn't, he would have responded with his usual word salad in order to try and safe face.

    It was necessary. And all he had to do was be a man and stand behind all his stories.
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