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China has recorded yet another worst day for coronavirus infections since the initial outbreak in Wuhan, with 5,000 new cases overnight, as state media revived claims that the virus was originally imported from the United States.

The new wave, caused primarily by the Omicron variant, has infected more than 15,000 people in 28 of the country’s 31 provinces, municipalities and regions in the past fortnight, posing the toughest challenge yet to the zero-Covid policy and prompting more restrictive measures throughout the country.

At the same time China Daily, the state-run newspaper, claimed that the pandemic broke out in the central city of Wuhan in 2019 after a merchant in the city’s Huanan seafood market, identified as “Mr Zheng”, received a batch of fresh lobsters from Maine in November and distributed it to sellers. His clients and neighbours in the market, the newspaper claims, became the first coronavirus victims. It implied that the infection was disguised as an e-cigarette-related pneumonia in the US before the Wuhan outbreak.

For two years, China has sought to deflect claims that the virus originated in Wuhan. Instead, with little supporting evidence, it has accused the US government of manufacturing the virus at its biological labs and spreading it worldwide.

Beijing has also lauded its own achievements in containing the initial outbreak. However, as many countries are opening up, its zero-infection policy has kept the country closed.

Do they not see that this is going back to the dark days of China? Close off to the world again?

How long before they can open up? Waiting for a miracle cure? Some super vaccine that makes you immune?

You got to imagine that this is going to hurt their economy sooner rather than later. Then maybe you'll see a quick opening up.

Besides, they are known to fudge the numbers and hide the truth. Are they really that worried about the mass of deaths this will cause? I suppose the healthcare system will collpase dramatically though. That would be a sure thing. But given all their manpower and quick response, you'd think they would have been beefing up their medical system nationwide by now.