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    Quote Originally Posted by ByeByeEngland:
    I am seeing less and less locals wearing masks walking around the village even removing them when they get off the bus to walk up our village road. At the same time I am still seeing people jogging wearing masks!

    it’s the 2-3 year olds that think wearing masks is the norm
    I'm STILL the only fecker walking through central maskless. The only other people I see with any regularity are the delivery guys supplying the wholesale business's in Sai Ying Pun (mostly those sea-life raping wholesalers).

    I now go to the LCSD gyms on the Island and in recent weeks I've seen one Chinese guy half remove his mask to work out for a short period of time (like a few mins), all other locals wear masks in the gym 100% of the time, despite the fact it's not required.

    Some of them are old, but probably 70% are under 40.

    Sheep will just not risk taking even baby steps out of the flock.

    Of the Gym going Gweilo's (only a few), they all go maskless bar one wheelchair bound guy.

    This place is doomed.
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    I've been on a weekend trip, which included some hiking, - and I also noticed that most of people were maskless while inside the villages, but there were ~40% of (crazy? overdisciplined?) people wearing masks while climbing mountains at 32° C under violent sun... where the distance between particular people was like 100-200 meters..

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