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Govt trialing "Home Quarantine Wristbands" instead of DQH ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mengfei:
    I remember that fiasco two years ago when two guys where seen in a café with the blue "STAYHOMESAFE" wristband, they where shouted upon & where followed wherever they went & even warned the taxi driver that they had the "BAND" - scary!
    That was really early in 2020... the story is that a young girl landed in HK and is suppose to stay in a hotel. Her Uncle decided to flaunt the rules and take her out to a Japanese restaurant. The staff did not notice the band or it was hidden until other diners noticed and informed the staff. They did not want to leave when requested and then wanted to leave when people wanted to call the police. The restaurant was closed for a day to clean costing money and losing money from lost business caused by selfish people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MABinPengChau:
    Yay to wristbands! They are totally foolproof, not a single person has ever taken one off and left it home with his mobile phone...
    That's what makes them perfect for HK's selective enforcement approach to law making - Make ridiculous FF'ing laws that are utterly unjust and then only enforce them against enemies of the state (free thinkers).

    I'm very pleased to say that I would never slip off a wrist band and carry on life as normal, that would just be soooo 'selfish' as @redslert has so 'free-thinkingly' stated.

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    All I'm thinking about is whether if the trialing is because it will be a new different type of tracking device that addresses the previous weaknesses or they are just trialing to test if the newly ordered supplies of the same old device is functioning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt30:
    Of course these are a welcomed step in the right direction, however, 7 days total in quarantine (hotel + home) is still a massive deterrence to tourist and business travelers.
    The trials involved the whole of the arrival quarantine period at home, these people’s DQH was cancelled and refunded.

    It’s still not enough, however removing DQHs from the picture would be a massive step in the right direction as it would remove the limit on arrivals. It wouldn’t revive inbound tourism or business travel, but I think it would stem the brain drain, as many people here would then feel able to travel outbound and return more easily.
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