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To report or not to report, that is the question...

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    To report or not to report, that is the question...

    So a friend of mine has got 2 lines on his/her lateral flow test.
    If they dont report what are the consequences/advantages? He/she apparently is in a big village house with 3 bathrooms and one other person...

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    I would let sleeping dogs lie.

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    Nobody reports anymore

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    my friend reported and got a tag on her wrist and self home quarantine

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    Report if:

    1. you need medical attention (beyond what you can get in a pharmacy); or
    2. you need to show you're sick for the purposes of getting sick leave (different employers have different policies).

    If you must report, either tell them you live on your own or, if you don't, that you have exclusive use of a bedroom and bathroom. If you can't do that, pack a suitcase of emergency supplies and and try to make the best of your taxpayer-funded vacation.