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Social Distancing Tightened.. More RATs

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    RAT kits are now a multi-million dollar industry, they won’t be going away anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aw451:
    The test is "whether they have a shared goal" or something along those lines
    Doesn't the whole restaurant have the "shared goal" of eating?
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    Why do I get the feeling that Mary Ma has not received the memo ... She seems to be headed for some sort of patriotic reeducation seminar given her last few editorials on this issue.

    With their masks on, the Chinese team lost. When they took them off, they won. If the SAR turns around to tighten its Covid restrictions, would it crash against the wall like the women's volleyball team and leave everyone here to suffer?

    It was truly alarming to hear Lo announcing before the weekend that social distancing measures were being tightened, with stricter testing requirements for people attending banquets and staff working at regulated premises.

    It was also unsettling to hear Education Secretary Christine Choi Yuk-lin warning that full-day in-person learning for secondary students may have to stop.

    The government must stop chasing its tail as it faces periodic surges in cases.

    Defending the ludicrous U-turn when confronted by the media over why he was tightening Covid rules at a time other places have been relaxing theirs, Lo said Hong Kong was different from other countries.

    It is true Hong Kong is different - so different that it is pursuing a Covid policy as if it were still in the early stage of the pandemic. It's as if few of us had been vaccinated even though society has achieved a very high vaccination rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by statman:
    Because COVID only spreads when people know each other and sit in groups of more than 7.
    I thought covid only spread after 10PM, or sometimes after 6PM, it depends on the particular strain of covid...
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    Speaking of rectification, a hint as to the reason for direction of RTHK trust scores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    Spotted in a newsletter.. Groups of 8 or more will have to present RAT tests. Wonder if this will be done on tables where there are partitions that split groups of 8.

    In plastic partitions we trust!
    Did I follow the instructions properly? I have lived too long in HK I do not know how things work.

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    Seriously, seriously fucked up.

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    Not that I give a RAT's ass about having mid autumn dinner with the in-laws, I guess it's cancelled (again)

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    At last positive news. Day 25 and the stitches are out! Finally

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