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Crossing Roads

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    Why ..why didn't they just scoot across..
    ;_; ..we need to run this type of adults over at full speed.

    I just thot handsup before crossing just for that split sec slow down before they sprint is easier to teach kids than telling them you need to actually turn the head to look right and left before assuming no cars.. bcos even some grown ups don't bother turning their body and head to do a proper blind spot check when driving..

    cuz kids will be kids.. Lucky, good reflexes on kid and driver.

    This is the other extreme.. rofl the kid who just abandons his scooterboard and flees..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarsi:
    Ignore the discussion abt cultural differences - maybe we should start teaching kids to put their hand up first before and while crossing road.. around 0:19.
    Korean kids do the same. A bit odd when our niece starting walking around as a 4 year old and put her hand up in the air to cross streets.
    They are smaller and the hand makes them a bit more visible to cars.
    Seoul, not so much, it's everyone for themselves. Cars park on pedestrian crossing, go up footpaths, etc. Supposedly rules are changing, but good luck.

    In Tokyo, nearly all kids walk to school, rather than get driven. They are taught road safety at a young age. In Japan, pedestrians get right of way.

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