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Cement truck lands on school bus

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenCatalonia:
    Holy crap, it just gently rolls over the concrete barrier...amazing!

    They are "Top Heavy".

    And, I recall, quite a few years ago, the "Pendulum" effect of swinging left-right [or was it the other way round] resulted in another cement truck crashing on to its side in Causeway Bay.

    Too much speed and - then momentum taking over !!

    Mount Davis Road is possibly another accident site just waiting for a disaster : I have seen up to four filled concrete trucks parked up 100 yards or more from the junction of Pok Fu Lam Road, and thereby stressing the high "flyover" bridge above a deep valley, whilst waiting to be summonsed to - I suspect - the extension of Queen Mary Hospital under construction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emx:
    Video of the cement truck as it rolls over down onto the path of the school bus

    I never knew cement trucks were that unstable. I don't know the exact speed of the cement truck, but if the car in front of the cement truck was not speeding, the cement truck seemed to be going approximately the same speed as the car in front of it. It didn't seem like the driver of the cement truck did an extreme turn, seemed like the cement truck was gradually turning to follow the road.

    But yet at that speed, and at that rate of turn, and that angle of the road, it was enough for the cement truck to tip over. Assuming the car in front of the cement truck was not speeding, I guess the cement truck should be going 1/2 the speed limit on that stretch of road, for safety reasons. But stuff happens all the time on the road, footballs get kicked onto the road, stray animals run onto the road, etc, and drivers need to often do emergency evasive actions. You wonder if cement trucks should always be going 1/2 the speed limit, so the driver can make emergency evasive actions, because they are so unstable like this one.

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    I frequently drive that highway.

    The bend on that road is pretty sharp and it comes immediately after a 200m steep decline.

    Alot of cars enter that bend at higher speeds than they should. Also alot of these large vehicles seem to always be in a rush.

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