Google Play store in Hong Kong

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    Google Play store in Hong Kong

    I notice on bottom of Standard Chartered HK website they now offer their mobile app as an android APK package, with instructions on how to lower the security on your phone (disable unknown sources) and then sideload the SC banking app. Isn't this how users in China install apps on their phones because google play is blocked in China? I find it very strange for any company outside of China to advertise installing mobile apps in this way, especially a financial institution. Does SC HK know something we dont and preparing for googles exit of Hong Kong?

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    I assume it's for people in Hong Kong using phones from dodgy companies like Huawei which only support patriotic app stores...

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    Yeah, this is just for phones that don't have access to the Google Play Store. Android itself is open-source, but phone manufacturers need to have an agreement with Google to include any Google services (including the Play Store).

    Huawei is not the only phone manufacturer that sells Android phones without any Google Play stuff, so it's pretty common to see companies offer a direct APK download of their app. Even the HSBC HK app can be downloaded as an APK on their website.