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CE tests +ve on return from BKK

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndt:
    Not so good news, now morons might think fully opening border is dangerous, if allmighty(ies) have 100% infection rate overseas, mere mortals will easily die and bring in 6th/nth wave so no more quarantine free life..
    Yeah I dunno how to see this. Will they realize catching covid is a non-event these days (F the old unvaccinated), or will they use these cases to back them up in their scientific border entrance policies?

    Wait, this is the D.R.C. - Degenerate Republic of Cannotland. Of course it will be the latter. Silly me.

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    Shit be kicking off up north as well...

    My best estimate is that all this leads to doubling down on restrictions, less so in HK but still probably a little bit too

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    John Lee was seated next to Xi during a meeting on November 18 and also stood next to him at an event on November 17, potentially one of Xi’s closest known brushes with the virus since the start of the pandemic.

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    Next up .. a committee to be setup to order high tech equipment and RF-proof tents from China which will prevent people from snooping in on exco meetings. I am shocked that they don't have real time fax chat rooms.

    Not like HK has had any advance notice to prepare for situations like this...

    The Basic Law does not state that the Exco meeting cannot be conducted virtually, however, intrusion prevention has not been set up, so it is not feasible to have the meeting by videoconferencing.

    "We always put our phones and iPad in a special locker before our meeting, so there's strict confidentiality," he said.

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