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Concrete plant the govt cannot shutdown...

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    Concrete plant the govt cannot shutdown...

    A great example of the law not existing for pro-govt companies:

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    That is a seriously interesting read ... thanks. (Moved it out ... since.... no sentences have been handed out!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatts:
    A great example of the law not existing for pro-govt companies:
    A well know case unfortunately. The law …

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    Is this the concrete plant planned for TKO tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    Not sure if I have heard about this plan before... is this new?

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    The law says this is under FEHD/EPD?.. welll what do you know, isn't this just nice for us to flex our newly minted socialist-facist abilities inherited frm China where laws are guidelines..

    Now that it's been reported, I'll wait a while before writing it off, after all there haven't been any socialist states lucky enuff to have someone slightly kind at the top so nobody ever thinks twice abt stretching the law for gd stuff, only for enforcing against the people. But since our HKPF can descend in a flash in traffic crippling numbers to any neighbourhood, I'm sure they can do it here too.. and I bet they wld like it more too vs patrolling for mask offences or shooting at ppl w llegal fireworks! Go HKPF, how can you just leave FEHD/EPD in the lurch..

    Biz aside, they are getting fined for this right.. like w interest compounder by the day I hope.. right? Name:  IMG-20230121-WA0020.jpg
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