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Over 50% of Teachers Fail English Proficiency

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    Over 50% of Teachers Fail English Proficiency

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    What about teachers in the UK?

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    Central (but I'm from Pokfulam).

    There are no English proficiency tests for teachers in the fact that they are even trying implement some kind of filter is admirable. However, whatever filter you come up with is going to be controversial.

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    If you're a British native, don't assume this test would be a pushover.

    I was asked a really thought provoking question on ethics in leadership. I paused for a while before I gave my answer. That pause put me down to a 7 in IELTS speaking.

    I only scored an 8 or 8.5 in the other sections.

    After teaching English for a while now, I'd like to think I'd score higher due to self study along the way. But I'd need to take a break from writing on forums and practice long-form essays. For example, these fullstops I'm using are considered rude over instant messaging, but essential for this test.

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