Flying from Canada

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    Flying from Canada

    You either have to laugh or cry...

    YouTube - RMR: A Message From Transport Canada

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    I didn't know you were a fan of the Mercer Report. That guy is funny.

    This is his funniest video

    [ame=""]YouTube- Rick Mercer - Talking To Americans[/ame]

    Talking to Americans where he actually says to George W. Bush who was then running for his first term as POTUS that he has the support of Prime Minister Jean Poutine and he took the bait. Oh, the PM was Jean Chretien. He gets Gov. Mike Huckabee congratulating Canada for the national igloo.

    At one point only a young boy when being told that Canadians don't know their states interjects and says, hey Canada has provinces! All the adults take the bait.

    He gets Americans to congratulate Canada on completion of the Chunnel to China.

    He does a lot to embarrass Canadians as well so he is an equal opportunity guy.