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    Site Upgrades in Progress - Blogs

    There is a major upgrade in the works.

    We expect it to be completed by this weekend, if all goes well.

    1) The blogs are being taken offline and are being replaced by new software.
    2) Your logins may stop working for a few minutes / hours depending on the time of day and sun spot activities.

    This is a *HUGE* upgrade for us ... think of it as The meet and greet forums on steriods, with lots of stuff for newbies and cynical oldies.

    I promise, this will be the last new thing for the rest of summer.

    More to follow as the uprgade progresses.

    Feel free to speculate..

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    Hi, is this still going on?
    I can't seem to stay logged in. I get the "thanks for logging in" message, then am redirected, then get the login screen again.
    I've just logged in again to post the reply.