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    Darn, now I won't get to be called an american hating fag... I wonder if he was a fag hating american???

    Seriously, these little anonymous messages are silly, why make them anonymous?

    When I have something to say, I don't hide...

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    I made up this funny photo earlier for another thread, but it got closed down , before I had a chance to upload it.

    Too good to waste he he...

    Never underestimate the power of the GEO force . ha ha ha
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    Quote Originally Posted by emmie:
    *BTW, can someone explain why the negative rating was a grey, not red, block? How did they do that? (Just curious.)
    Grey is for new users who have not built up a reputation. This prevents people from joining just to damage your reputation marks. Grey makes no change to your score, you can just read the comment from them.

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    I too felt like posting in the other thread ....

    Dear Banned User,
    Geoexpat is different from many other internet forums, and you might want to heed the differences; in most other forums there is pretty much zero chance of ever meeting another forum member - you probably live miles apart, in a different country etc etc. Here, most of the serious users live in HK. There are various Meet and Greet functions at which you might actually get to meet other users. You might, as I did today, use your geo contacts to help make business decisions or get contacts for business .....

    ... all of which makes you think that you might want to be "yourself" on the board; that you might want to think about what impression you are leaving - including what questions you ask - and you might want to "give" as well as "take" from the debate. And you might not want to insult every other member before you find out they are your new boss/boss's wife/boss's best friend etc etc - an outcome unlikely to occur in some anonymous international chat room where nobody ever meets.

    Just some insights, new user, that you might want to think about....

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