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Getting sick of the inability to post replies

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    Getting sick of the inability to post replies

    This happens to me ALL the time.

    I see a post, hit quote and type a long reply. Sometimes several paragraphs. I hit submit and it comes back with a message saying "your message is too short". And my post VANISHES INTO THIN AIR, wasting all the time I took typing it.

    NO... I am not typing "within the quotes". Absolutely not.

    I'm pretty sure the cause is a temporary lack of internet (which I have on all the ways I use geo - office, home and mobile cut out from time to time). I think if I hit submit while there is no internet this causes the problem.

    Is there no setting you can change to fix this? At least let me keep my f'ing message and just say "cannot post it right now" or something?

    One out of 5 maybe I can restore with the "restore autosaved content" button. But most are gone. It's really frustrating.

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    try other browser.

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    A blessing for the rest of us.

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    @HK_Katherine - PM me your setup, OS/browser versions and we can try to duplicate your setup to debug.