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Accessing Geo with VPN

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    Quote Originally Posted by tparker:
    I'm too old for TikTok, but with it in the news lately I thought i'd see what the fuss is about. Recently removed from the HK AppStore, I managed to download via my U.K. account - only to discover that TikTok have actually blocked access from HK. Presumably they got a memo from ByteDance seizing on the opportunity to block us from anti-China conten; yet conveniently making it look like they're 'protecting' us instead by jumping on the FB/Twitter announcements after NSL. But I digress....

    We might start seeing more services self-blocking, even in absence of a GFW.

    VPN is also handy simply to "be" overseas, NSL notwithstanding, for online purchases requiring local IP's or BBC iPlayer for example.

    ... or when I wish to check GeoExpat during my China trips!

    Having said that, in absence of travel recently, I just cancelled my ExpressVPN, but I do believe they're a legit provider.
    Tiktok hasn't been banned and they didn't even block HK. They just want to keep their international and China operations completely separate (mainly to give the perception that China isn't interfering with Tiktok). The NSL makes it very clear that some Chinese laws apply in HK now which is inconvenient for a Chinese company who is trying to maintain a separate brand for non-Chinese territories.

    Everyone is still free to use Douyin if they really must use Tiktok.

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    From what I’ve heard, TikTok is inaccessible in HK even with a VPN...
    Douyin seems to have a ‘foreigner’ detector which will lock your account if the app detects a white person i suppose.

    Speaking of VPNs, would anyone know who legit Proton is? They’ve recently pledged a part of their profit to the 612 fund so I wonder if they will be targeted more than others by the CCP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aw451:
    Everyone is still free to use Douyin if they really must use Tiktok.
    TikTok is not Douyin. They are both entirely separate products from the same owner. You can't use Douyin to "use TikTok".

    Indeed they are not banned - and there's no GFW in Hong Kong, but it's a case of self-censorship if you will, or at least a corporate decision to discontinue the service here: for reasons which are clear and highly political. Not sure it's so much "inconvenience" as being blatantly instructed by powers above that they should not operate here.

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    A very vicious attack is being propagated through Proton as we speak...

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    Blocking TikTok in Hong Kong seems to have upset a lot of 12 year old girls at the Australian International school. Now my daughter in Australia has one less means of communication with her ex school friends in HK. Now she has finally realised how lucky we are to have left HK at the end of last year, and how hopeless the future is for the people of Hong Kong .

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