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    You're on the new server

    We've completed the move and you're now on the new server.

    Please report any problems in this thread.

    We expect the server and the site to be stable in about 24 hours as we load and test it.

    We've moved this site to our main production server in the US, from our server in Cyberport -- given that we were running out of bandwidth with the number of users we are getting per hour.

    New Specs:

    2 x Dual Core Xeons
    6GB RAM
    RAID 5 - 4x400GB disks (800GB available) plus some more...

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    Poor "old" Shri - I bet you've aged at least ten years over the last few days!

    Best of luck in keeping it up - the Server I mean ! <Grinning evilly>.

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    the column of LATEST THREADS on my right hand size became wider ? is it my pc problem ?? or coz of the new server ?? sorry for stupid question.

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    Will someone please advise just what are the MAXIMUM number of adverts one person can post?

    I had 10 at one time - built up over many days - and deleted half of them.

    Now, I did read, somewhere on this site that a MAX of three adverts could be posted at any one time. To me that seemed to indicate that so long as one didn't post more than three in any 24 hour period, you weren't breaking yourself on any "rules of conduct" -- but I can't increase my number now from that low figure of "5".

    Since this "Advert Board" isn't *that* active, surely it ought to be possible to input more "single" adverts - rather than having to "Lump 'em" all into one gi-normous advert with "everything but the kitchen sink" lurking within? <Grin>.

    To add to my confusion, for the last 4 or 5 days I've been bombarded with geoexpat messages asking me to increase the validity of my adverts - this despite them supposedly lasting 15 days, and having only been "Up" for (in some cases) a mere 24 hours.

    Another "de-bugging exercise" for Shri & his tired restoration gang. <Grin>.

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    Bumped it up to 5 with the upgrade.

    We're not sure what is causing the notification messages to go out every day. Atleast they go over once a day and not every 5 minutes...

    Got a developer looking at the notification problem. Should have something by Monday hopefully.

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    Max 5 Adverts?

    Shri & friendly gang - I have commented on this in a direct e'mail.

    I hope that you will shortly "release the brake" - and though I realise that many persons wish to input just one item, others may like to have the occasional "clear-up" which would necessitate more than a total of 5 adverts without lumping many different items into a compounded one massive advert.

    It is - possibly - that it is the adverts that draw people to your site, so by not playing up that aspect of your site, you are forcing users to HAVE to patronise another obnoxious Xpat site in HK. [And I don't equate your site with being "obnoxious" either!]

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    If you need more than 5 ads. Signup for the premium membership ...

    I'd be more than happy if you do actually do use other websites. Will make you appreciate what we do a little bit more .. and perhaps make you whinge a little bit less.

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    Now now oman mercenary.

    This website is a great resource and is good for regular social events with a friendly bunch and thats why I'm sure the majority of the regular users are here for as opposed to buy/sell furniture etc thats what ebay h.k and yahoo hk are for.

    If you want to sell a lot of stuff then don't be tight and hand over your money for premium membership.

    Why would people want to sign up for that other website for unless they wanted to know where to buy socks and answers to other stupid questions like that, Those space cadets can stay over there for all I care.