Your feedback -- going into 2004

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    Exclamation Your feedback -- going into 2004

    We ended 2003 pretty well for a website that no one knew about, 6 months ago.

    Our basic stats on GeoExpat.Com (stuff that people in the media business care about) went from 5000 odd visitors in June to 52,000 visitors in December. Our classifieds website ( ) is also on track, with about 800 visitors a day.

    We have no desire to be the ultimate (or anyother superlative buzzword for that matter) website for expats, our vision is to create a site that is useful, usable, friendly in tone and delivers on expectations.

    Drop your suggestions here.. what are your expectations for 2004?

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    I am possibly moving to HK in the first quarter of this year and have been using GeoExpat as an information source since November. My suggestion for you guys is to keep doing what it is that you are doing as I find the site an invaluable resource and will continue to use it once I make the move.

    Good work and keep it up.

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    Great Work

    hey guys
    great work, have learnt a lot of valuable nuggets of information and will keep on surfing and asking, hey hope y'all had a great new year's eve and even a better hAngover -cured -resurected new years!!
    CHeers and God Bless