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Credit card rejection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCDC:
    I was denied 2x by HSBC (who I bank with) and then was given a really low credit limit.
    No problem getting a credit card from Citi, with credit limit 3x my monthly salary.
    I had no problems, but Mr. Elle had similar problems with HSBC - 3 times denied despite having our mortgage with them and Mr. Elle employed by the HK government back then and despite getting the usual junk mails inviting him to apply for HSBC credit cards (of course nobody could give him any reason why he was denied getting one). He got a card from Citibank without problems.
    Fast forward 5 years, HSBC basically threw a credit card at him

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilleshk:
    Otherwise, never had a problem getting cards in HK, quite the opposite. I get pre approved card offers in the mail often.
    But did you ever take up the offer? I got an offer to upgrade but when I requested the card it was rejected.
    Guess 'pre-approved' has a different meaning in HSBC ...

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    Personally, I find I find I have to beat the little feckers off with a stick, every Tom, Dick and Harry keeps offering to sign me up for a credit card.

    I have taken to hanging a sign round my neck proclaiming "I have no interest in your free gift of a set of non-stick saucepans/cuddly toy/obsolete DVD player in return for half an hour's tedious form filling, keep the hell away from me you fool."

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    3 years ago I had applied for HSBC, got it with limit set to my monthly salary.
    Recently applied online for amex and received it in a week's time, though not sure what is the limit on this one..

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    Interestingly when I first arrived in HK, HSBC gave me a Premier account and Premier Credit Card without me asking. Did the paperwork and they gave me $60k limit. Yes, that is fine, always paid it on time anyway and had a huge amount on it.

    After the initial period I obviously didn't have $1 mil in my account (why would you anyway in HK with interest so low) and then had to reply for the Standard cards and credit card. Low and behold the credit limited reduced to $10k! Income hadn't changed (infact gone up!), credit history obviously increased in that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by virago:
    After the initial period I obviously didn't have $1 mil in my account (why would you anyway in HK with interest so low)
    Some misunderstanding there - the $1M includes any investments through them. I've been Premier for years, but almost never have more than a few tens of thousands in the savings account.

    I don't recall any difficulty getting a credit card from anyone. I still have HSBC with a limit over $300k, and Citibank with a limit of $200k or so. Previously I had an Amex with $500k as well, but let that go when I stopped working and no longer had the credit card expenditure to keep both the Amex and the Citi without annual fees.
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