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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth Bomber:
    Highly unlikely... shrimp farming is big in Thailand
    Very big

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    This is how shrimp ends up with that nasty crunchy glassy texture and bland salty flavour. Preservatives are added mostly it's brine. The cooked frozen ones available here from Europe are like this and honestly not worth buying if you are used to the real thing.

    North Sea shrimps are deliciously sweet and tender but notoriously fiddly to peel as they are so small. If you want the flavour, sweetness and texture you have to do this yourself after buying the fresh un-peeled ones. I haven't seen them here. If they can manage jet fresh live oysters don't see why not. They would be prohibitively expensive for the work involved. Im also not sure of the pollution levels in the North Sea these days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayinhongkong:
    Perhaps some of that meat is destined for the enormous Chinese population, so shipping a few thousand tons at a time makes it viable. No labor unions in China either. Shipping goods internationally doesn't cost much if you have the volume to make it happen, so it may indeed work out cheaper.
    Chicken feet and offal...

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    In the US much of the non-nugget related stuff is extraneous, like chicken feet, but over here that might have some economic value.,00.html