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Any facilities / project managers out there?

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    hi Claire! hope you are well,

    Im an registered electrician who became an FM, I have an electrical engineering qualification, but decided to move towards facilities management, without blowing my trumpet, I am multi talented, I can do everything from engineering design and CAD to welding to client relationship building...etc, so im hoping find the right avenue to branch off onto to make myself compatable with hong kongs entrance requirements...

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    Firstly, the CIES is HK$10M.

    $2-3M gets you an absolutely tiny space in HK unless it's way out in the sticks, and even then it gets you 700sq.ft. A quick look at some NZ real estate sites says that you get MUCH more there for a similar price.

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    Yes, more space however that is in areas where there is no work also there is no public transportation so you will find yourself sitting here in a car for hours on end. ..we are paid less on average here, mortgages are more expensive, tax is through the roof and basic living expenses are very high too.

    I was in hk for two weeks in october, ivtook $12k hk and didnt manage to spend it all, in auckland to do the equiv of what I did in hk, that money would only last a few days the only thing I can see that is expensive in hk is real estate but I can understand why as hk is an economic power house, auckland is not...

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    Real estate is a stealth tax get a similar small sized apartment to what I had in Sydney would be double the cost in an area away from long as you can make sacrifices you can get by