Hello there mates!
i came to crossroads in my career. spent 3.5 yrs in I-Banking in Singapore and now HK. looking to get an MBA to move to buyside or private equity.
working in Singapore im well aware of Insead over there, but problem is I HATE Singapore..

A friend of mine recommended Hong Kong UST, HKUST in short. He enrolled in the first cohort of Msc Global finance HKUST/NYU dual degree and he absolutely loves it. I would much rather do an MBA, i was stunned to see that the EMBA at HKUST is ranked #1 in the world by FT ahead of Wharton, Chicago and others. At this point probably not enough experience to apply and I would not get sponsored for it...

The MBA looks solid too, #17 in the world by FT and #20 in the world by the Economist. nobody else in HK or Asia for that matter comes close.

if i stay here do this "top 20" mba at HKUST part time i will save a thon of $$$ over a top US or EU school in the process. considering i'm definitely staying in HK i dont specifically worry about whether or not the school is respected in the US or EU.

the Msc Global Finance is also tempting but i think i would rather do the mba. here is a link to msc program for some that might be interested...

HKUST Master of Science in Global Finance

Any thoughts, comments? Anyone currently in this Msc program or part time MBA at HKUST?