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Overseas assignment

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    Overseas assignment

    Hi guys, im on a local contract and could be assigned overseas in a new position

    id like to understand a bit about who has the package negotiating power here, me or the company?

    further who makes the final decision, local hr or the hr at the destination?

    the situation is that i dont like my package currently and as this is a big promotion id like to get the best deal possible

    thanks for your input!

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    Depends on the company... If a big corporate it tends to be quite formulaic on the relocation package element, so I'd suggest you try to detach the promotion from the relocation package. I.e. negotiate hard based on what would the role be paid in HKD and start from there.

    For the formulaic bit... Usually a cost of living allowance (+ or -), which might be pro-rated to exclude the bit of your income a formula assumes you'd save or spend on housing in HK, a housing allowance, adjustment for different tax rates (again + or -), and then converted into the destination currency. After that your destination pay would probably be adjusted for FX fluctuations periodically, although the cost of living adjustment will normally give some degree of offset.

    Destination country will be picking up the costs so you'll mainly be negotiating with cost centre owners over there.

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    you should know better who has the bargaining power.. its subject to individual company..
    if you are in a situation where they desperate need you there because of expertise, etc.etc.. then you can call the shots..
    if you are in a situation where another 6 of your colleagues are also fighting for the same posting and they are giving it to you because maybe you were paid a little too low and now want to give you back abit of compensation, then your bargaining power is low to almost nothing...

    if you can't tell what bargaining power you have and need to check here at gxp, then you are probably not in that good a position to bargain. and if till today you are not certain who decides on what to give, since each individual company has a different style of funding overseas posting, then i really think you should just accept what they give and try to do your best for them to value you higher.. its a give and take situation

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    never accept what they give, always try to squeeze a bit more out of it but dont go too over board as they might laugh at you and keep you where you are