A medical emergency led to VERY HIGH credit bill of close to HKD20000 I missed two payments in August this year. After that I starting making all my payments, atleast a minimum. However I recieved a letter from HangSeng to make a payment in next 7 days for the remaining balance of 200000, which I cannot do immediately, of course. i called the number in the letter (which is a different number from CC services on the back of the card), they said they can only consider three month extension. So I started trying for loans across all banks and online lenders (which led to multiple credit requests) and got denied because of my credit score which has dropped own significantly. I have a stable job in hk and I am on an employment visa for last 5.5 years here and but I dont know where to go. With the tax payment coming close, I am really in need of 300000 Loan which will help to clear off everything in a span of 12- 18 months but dont know where else to apply. Can someone help. Many thanks