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    poor person personal banking

    Any advice on finding a way to bank in both Hong Kong and the US without losing all my money to exchange fees and wire transfer fees? I am moving to HK in one month to start a post-doctoral research fellowship for which I will be paid in HKD. Since I just finished school, I, of course, owe the US government for student loans and they must be paid in USD from a US bank. As a poor research scientist, I'm not going to be making so much money that I am willing to pay each banks' wire transfer fee ad the exchange fee each month that I want to transfer money. And, I won't be making anywhere near enough money to get the premier international accounts that don't charge fees.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!

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    Try and look at Etrade. They will accept HKD funds into their account here and transfer to the USD account stateside, without any additional fees.