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UK Branch of HK Business

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    UK Branch of HK Business

    I am considering setting up a branch of my HK registered company in the UK (my home country), partly to make it easier for UK clients know our presence is there and for ease of clients to pay us and also so that I can potentially transfer one of my HK staff over to the UK to work there (she isn't eligable for BNO), does anyone have experience with this, are there any particular benifits or pitfalls to going ahead with this that I should be aware of. Also I have no experienmce of running a business in the UK, is filing taxes and accounts with inland revenue fairly straightforward and inexpensive for a LLC in the UK, do I simply get our HK accountant to include the UK transactions in our annual accounts and present these to UK Inland Revenue, or are there any better suggestions?

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    Talk to the UK trade people at the British Consulate. I know that for a whole company relocation from HK to the UK they can help with employment visas for non-BN(O)s. Not sure how attractive just a single person going to set up a UK subsidiary will be for that though, but ask anyway.

    No audits are needed if the UK company is small and all the accounts filings and tax filings can be done online. Your HK accountant can probably handle it as basic book-keeping unless there's some complex tax issue you need advice on. You do need a physical registered office in the UK where documents can be served.

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    thank you, very helpful indeed!