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Anyhow to opt out of MPF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalloner54:
    Realising from this thread that I can't opt out of whatever terminology you use to define MPF either package/ticket/fund...

    I'm choosing to opt out from this thread.

    Thanks to everyone who took from their time to enlighten my ignorance.

    And few here are addressing me as a dude, I ain't.

    The average dude brain is wired such that any finance related topics means it must have been initiated/started by some other dude.

    Just so you are aware. I'm a lady and the thing I hate the most after gym bros are finance bros
    (few of them on this thread) ....

    Smooth sailing...
    Yep, whenever someone helps you it's mansplaining.

    You're welcome, stay ignorant

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    Sim, let your money work for you.
    No taxation, no MPF , NQA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalloner54:
    What the point of handing money to anywho, who can't even beat pre-COVID-inflation?

    What do you call that?
    it's called a tithe to the banksters. you know.... protection money from other banksters.

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