Lehman minibond HKMA interview: Attend?

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    Lehman minibond HKMA interview: Attend?

    Hi all,

    I was one of the victims of the Lehman minibond scam who complained to HKMA about the bank's unfair selling practice.

    HKMA is now calling me for a 2 hour interview on this matter as they investigate the complaint in more details seeking 'extra' information.

    They have told me that I may choose not to go to the interview and say that all information have already been provided on the complaint letter or can even attend with legal representation or allow them to interview me on the phone.

    Any of you attended the interview? What was your experience? Is it worth attending the interview.

    So far, it seems only a handful of cases have been considered for disciplinary action against banks and most cases have been dismissed. With that result in mind, is it even worth attending the interview? What do you think?

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    i think it would be interesting to go to the interview even though it would not lead to anything.

    having said that, i would also record the whole interview just in case