Which topic attracts you most?

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    Which topic attracts you most?

    I am now preparing for the promotion of my company and its business online. Posting a promotion topic is the first step. So I want to know which kind of topic will attract businessmen most to contact us.
    There are several topics in the following part. Please come and vote. Welcome any pertinent suggestion!

    No. 1
    Risk Reduction of Printing Outsourcing
    Wanna outsourcing all over the world?
    Concerned about the risk of procurement abroad?
    Feel worried even if you have dealt with insurance affair?
    Don’t be troubled any longer.
    Our company offers a special service to reduce customers’ risk. We have one customer representative for each of them to follow up the entire printing process. The respresentatives take care of everything including designing, manufacturing, packing, warehousing and shipping. It is worth noting that they will have started to do their duty before customers and our company conclude a contract. A customer, for instance, will receive relevant data and samples from his or her appointed respresentative. Furthermore the respresentative will communicate with designers, technicians and material specialists on the possibility of production. All of these works are carried out as long as the customer expresses his or her willingness to cooperate.
    It is customers that decide their respresentatives’ remuneration. So the respresentatives will work whole-heartedly in customers’ shoes.

    If you need any help, don’t hesitate to let us know.
    Our email: ******

    No. 2
    Bigger Bang for Smaller Buck
    Where to find supplier selling products at a low price?
    Come to China.
    Where to find supplier selling quality products at a low price?
    Come to Shanghai and contact us.
    Our competitors may help you get printing products of high quality within allotted time.
    But we can give you more.
    With its customer-oriented aim, our company is comitted to providing a wiser choice of sourcing for you. You will get superior-quality products at a relatively low price under the same conditions. Our company, for example, often assigns orders of similar products to one supplier following the rule that the more quantity, the more favorable in price. Thereby, it is economical for each customer.
    We also suggest you doing a same business in your own country. Thus you will find our company is your best choice.
    You can contact us here: ******

    No. 3
    How to choose a suitable printing supplier?
    You may know where most printing suppliers are.
    Yes, of course in China.
    You usually choose China as your sourcing place because suppliers there can provide quality products at a relatively low price.

    But you may not know which specific supplier is exactly what you need.
    You feel puzzled by so many choices of printing suppliers in China, right?
    Now the problem can be solved.
    Contact us right now, and we can help to find a most suitable supplier for you.

    Based on your requirement of design and finished product, our company will select a standard supplier who is an expert in manufacturing the sort of product according to different materials.
    Besides our company has its own technical team. Serving as a support role for manufacture, the team is devoted to researching and developing advanced printing technique. It’s experienced in cut-cost planning as well. The team, for instance, will suggest minifying page’s size on the premise that it will not affect the product’s function and value. As a result, customers save a lot in production cost.

    If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.
    EMAIL: ******

    No. 4
    A New Mode of Printing QC
    Printing QC (quality control) is not a one-off but a repeated process.
    Not enough any more to inspect printing products only once after they are manufactured.
    Our company is now producing a new mode of printing QC. We assign QC specialists to monitor and inspect time after time during the entire printing process of sourcing, manufacturing, packing and shipping. In addition, to make sure our customers get printing information in time, we will take photos and send to them instantly at each step. Not only can we design and produce superior goods but deliver them to customers’ doors in good condition as well.
    If you want to know more about our company, please contact us.
    EMAIL: ******

    No. 5
    Printing Also Needs Life Condition.
    It’s easy to manufacture printing products but not to store. That’s why buyers sometimes feel troubled about shipment.
    But now it is no more a problem.
    Our company can solve all the troubles during warehousing and shipping. We provide a satisfactory life condition for all of your printing products. Both temperature and humidity are controlled to the products’ specification and characteristics.
    The chart below is a general standard of storage, and we have more detailed standards according to different types of paper. If you want to know more about our company, contact us here: ******
    Condition of Storage
    Maximum Temperature 24℃
    Minimum Temperature 18℃
    Humidity range 10-98%RH
    Store Shelf 20cm off the ground

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    1) Find a native English speaker to write your adverts.
    2) If you want good advice on writing appealing adverts for western customers - you're going to have to pay for it; nowt f' free in this world.

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    i was going to suggest paying for a native speaker as well... some of what you've written makes very little sense. sorry.

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    Bizarre. None of them make much sense to me.

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    another trading/sourcing company, a dime a dozen in HK. just by writing good ads wont get u anywhere, u must know people to get orders. I know many ex-pats that started up trading/sourcing companies and they are still struggling. Economy is bad, orders are less, prices keep on dropping but quality requirements keep on increasing.