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    but depending on the package you might still end up paying lesser tax in hk than sg. i know for sure if i am getting my pack in hk now my tax shld be lower.

    the sg's deductables are not really that much. you get like SGD3k/5k/10k type of drips and pieces whereas in hk you get the first 100k hkd tax free and the earlier tax brackets are also quite good.

    you shld look at the whole number and the taxation at the two different countries, than to look at it piece wise and start screaming that its not worth the deal. ...

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    Help Please!! I an also a little confused on the income tax issue.

    Hi Guys,

    I am about to move to Hong Kong and working permanently..

    If anyone can help me with understanding the income tax issues/ housing allowance then I would much appreciate this...

    I will give you the exact specifics of my salary etc if you reply to say you can help!!

    Thanks alot everyone,

    The people on this site are great...if there is anything I can do to help in terms of advice to people moving to the UK...let me know


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