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    The article first mentions that Nathan Law did not sign the confirmation form and then later mentions that he signed all forms. Just to clarify, it is the former and not the latter.

    The sentences for Nathan Law, Joshua Wong & Alex Chow will be handed down on Aug 15th.
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    "Be a Smart Voter" forum (Hong Kong Island edition) - Sun, Aug 7th (anti-establishment)

    In the subsequent New Territories East edition, the same forum host said their campaign is unrelated to Benny Tai's "ThunderGo" strategic voting plan.

    Present (seated left to right) -

    Christopher Lau Gar-hung (People Power)
    Cyd Ho Sau-lan (Labour Party)
    Nathan Law Kwun-chung (Demosisto)
    Andy Chui Chi-kin (Independent)
    Paul Zimmerman (Independent)
    Ted Hui Chi-fung (Democratic Party)
    Tanya Chan Suk-chong (Civic Party)

    The forum was almost 3 hours long. The following are brief excerpts.

    18:20 - Tanya Chan (sounding genuinely worried)(rough summary)

    Hello everyone (hesitant) . . . em . . . I'm not trying to . . . but I want to tell everyone . . . if you look at the polls, what makes me most uneasy is the emergence of a so-called "pan-dem".

    I think everyone sitting here today, I hope everyone . . . I don't want to name names, I'm sorry. It's not that he can't run, I can understand that he's been a victim as well. But everyone needs to look at the political platform. Voters truly need to take a close look at the political platform.

    I really appeal to everyone . . . a person who can accept "pocket-it-first" ? This means he also rejects the Umbrella Movement. Am I right ? How can he be a pan-dem ??!!?! Every day he's been saying he's a pan-dem - a light yellow one !! Seriously ?!?

    You need to share this with your friends . . .

    [She then talks about an encounter with a cab driver - as their conversation progressed, she realized his whole family - who supported the Umbrella Movement, who support the pan-dems - is going to vote for this person. (kind of like having your own rich guy going up against the rich pro-CCP'ers)]

    You need to look at political platforms . . . what they've done in the past.

    689's government is not our only enemy ! There's the immense, very immense Chinese government behind it !

    The (new) confirmation form, the censorship of election materials - this isn't so-called double standards ! There IS no standard !!

    When looking at political platforms, aside from the various other policies, focus on the "pocket-it-first". That's enough to tell you.

    They are in the process of trying to reverse the vote-down of the political reform package (by the pan-dems in June 2015) !

    How can you "pocket-it-first" ?! If you "pocket-it-first" it means you support the Aug 31st (2014) NPCSC decision !!! If you support the Aug 31st NPCSC decision, you're saying the Umbrella Movement didn't need to manifest !!

    If the one-third veto isn't maintained, we're finished !!!

    29:40 - Paul Zimmerman (in English)

    . . . priority #2, is that everyone knows that Ricky Wong is a fake democrat. (audience laughs) I said it. (crowd applauds - some whoops) I'd say it again. (rises from his chair) . . . and #2, Ricky is fake . . .

    The forum host mentioned that an invitation was extended to Ricky Wong to participate in the forum. However, since he refused to clarify whether he was anti-establishment or not, the organizers were unable to follow through with the invitation.

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    Video in the article -

    The video in the article can no longer be seen.
    The link was to Edward Leung's Facebook.

    This is a comment left on Richard Scotford's Facebook - related to his post below - "Edward Leung FB ac just got banned. Because of re-uploading this.".

    Rough summary -

    Quotation marks are for the responses of the 2 guys in the car.

    There's no one. (in the car)
    No one ?
    There are people.

    Where're you from ?

    "Hey, there's no need to open the door." (1st guy in car)

    Where're you from ?
    Where're you from ?
    Where're you from ?

    "There's no need to open the door."

    "I'll open the trunk for you too." (2nd guy in car)

    Where're you from ?

    "Opening the door is so ill-mannered." (1st guy)

    Where're you fxxking from ?

    "Hey, there's no need to curse."

    Where're you fxxking from ? Are you able to answer ?

    "I can answer ! Can't you be more refined ?"

    Fxxk you ! You think you're so fxxking refined ? You're fxxking harassing me.

    "Never harassed you."

    Riiight, you've never fxxking harassed me.

    "Never harassed you."

    Right, you've never fxxking harassed me.

    . . .

    You gonna say ?

    "You know where."

    Where ?


    Grandpa eh ?

    . . .

    What department ?


    Newspaper. Which newspaper ?

    "That's all I can say."

    What are you following us for ?

    "We're about to go."

    What did you photograph ?

    "Didn't photograph anything."

    What do you want to photograph ?

    "I don't know."

    How bout I tell you, what do you want to know ?

    "I don't want to know about you."

    But you've been following ? . . .

    "I don't want to know."

    If there's a next time I will report it to the police.

    "Okay !"

    Better change cars.

    "Not necessary."

    Be careful on the road !

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    Side note -
    Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun:
    Beijing must release all priests, believers from prison to demonstrate its sincerity.

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